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Richards Security aims to create a one-stop information reservoir where anyone requiring information from any security sector can receive such information without having to surf through the web for hours.

You can obtain current security information on the following sectors: retails security, corporate security, hospital security, school security, airport security, building security,

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Calculating ROI is essential for helping management make the right decision on investment and expenditure. This is especially relevant in the retail environment where security has always been perceived as a grudge purchase. To use this calculator you need to:

Input your current turnover in Box One

Your current percentage of shrinkage in Box Two and the monetary value of that percentage will be automatically generated in Box Three.

It has been established by retail experts that 68% of retail shrinkage is controllable with the implementation of the appropriate shrinkage management system. Therefore, Box Four will automatically generate the controllable current shrinkage figure in monetary terms.

You need to insert your current security cost in Box Five and your ROI will be automatically generated and displayed in Box Six.

Retail Return on Investment Calculator

6. Return On Investment (ROI) (£)

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