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Do you know that only 21% of all retail shrinkage is the direct result of customer-related theft while 79% is caused by employee theft, error and intentional damage.

Do you also know that with suitable training and the implementation of a loss prevention strategy, 68% of your shrinkage can be controlled?

Do you know that employees provided with shoplifting awareness training is the most effective weapon in your arsenal against shrinkage?


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Research shows that retailers spend less than £65 per employee on training annually. In the current retail environment of high tech, high speed rapid change, it is imperative that retailers understand that the quality of their employees will be the deciding factor that will determine success or failure. This is the Google, Facebook, YouTube and EBay century the quality of your employees can be a huge competitive advantage.

Our training modules include:

Retail Executive Training Programme

Retail Managers Training Programme: Combined , Perishable , Non-Perishable

Retail Store Associates Training Programme: Combined , Perishable , Non-Perishable


1.Understanding Shrinkage

Shrinkage is the difference between the value of the goods received and the amount they are sold for at the point of sale. The factors that are responsible for the reduction in the value of goods at the time of sale – is at the heart of this section.

2. Employee Deviance

Employee theft accounts for between 41% – 55% of retail shrinkage. Even though employee theft is less frequent than customer related theft the value is substantially higher. One incident of employee theft is equivalent to eleven incidents of shoplifting. This section will show you how to prevent or minimise  incidents of employee theft.

3. Employee Error

Employee errors in pricing, accounting & receiving accounts for an estimated 18% of retail shrinkage. Cashier error alone accounts for an estimated 4-5% of total store shrinkage. In this section you will learn the various types of employee errors and how to avoid them

4. Shoplifting

In today’s retail environment where competition is fierce & consumer demands are constantly changing, retailers are faced with the challenge of creating a relaxed & friendly shopping environment, where goods are easily displayed but well protected.

This is a tall order in an era where shoplifting has moved from teenage leisure activities, the necessity of addicts & the homeless to Organised Retail Theft (ORT).

The advent of EBay and other such sites; where goods are freely traded without the need for a store has created a whole new dynamic in retail shoplifting.

ORT criminal gangs specifically target retail organisations perceived as soft targets. In this training section, you will learn the various aspects of shoplifting and how with the implementation of simple strategies they can be prevented.

5. Back Door Receiving

Most retail organisations fail to give the required level of importance to the receiving process. Backroom receiving shrinkage accounts for approximately 10% of annual retail shrinkage.

50% of receiving shrinkage is attributed to receiving errors and the other 50% is caused by vendor & employees dishonesty. Our receiving training modules identifies the causes of receiving shrinkage and provides ways of reducing them.

6.Robbery & Burglary

Incidents of robbery and burglary constitute a serious & potential costly challenge to retailers. Even though the rate of their occurrence is minimal the impact can be long lasting therefore it is essential that retailer are aware of all the risks associated with them in order to take the necessary precautions.

A retail employee caught up in an incident of robbery could be traumatised for a long time, resulting in additional labour costs or a potential law suit. This section gives an overview of these incidents in the UK and present ways of ensuring that retailers are not victims of either.

7. Creating A Culture of Loss Prevention

The thinking in the retail industry is: “We must increase sales, we must increase sales!” Increasing sales covers all transgressions, as long as sales are up the rest does not matter.

But the key questions that retailers need to ask themselves are:

Does an increase in sales lead to an increase in profit?

Yes they rang the till but did they hear any sound?

As a retailer when you increase sales, you also increase the possibility for shrinkage.

The only way to make profit in retail, (you can take this statement to the bank) is to increase sales & reduce shrinkage.

How do you increase sales and reduce shrinkage? You do that by creating a culture of loss prevention. In this section, you will learn how to create that culture of loss prevention within your organisation.

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